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Date: 2012-06-04

June 5, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA

Watch out for the newest member of the lesbian adult film community! Addicted 2 Girls launches Tuesday, June 5th, with its initial release, MILF on MILF.

"It's great to have a brand for just women," says Lucy Vonne D'Olimpio, Sales Executive at Addicted 2 Girls. "This new brand is liberating because we can focus on simply filming great lesbian sex, period. If it appeals women and men, that's great."

Tasteful scenes, new talent and satisfying real sex are key elements for Addicted 2 Girls, which will deliver a new release each month.

"We're bringing in directors who understand that female passion and intimacy fuel this brand," says Marcus West, Marketing Director at Addicted 2 Girls. "We want to bring our lesbian fans the sensibility they're looking for, and offer an authenticity that has crossover potential to other viewership as well. We're also excited about upcoming promotions to support the launch."

Addicted 2 Girls will be sponsoring the Pornstar Femme Fatale Edition event at Bar Standard in Denver, Colorado. Building on the successful male version of the same event, it will be geared towards 21+ women that enjoy adult entertainment in a good dance party atmosphere. An estimated 500 women will be in attendance for this bi-annual party night, and the launch is tentatively scheduled for Friday July 27th, 2012.

The first Addicted 2 Girls release, MILF on MILF, hits stores Tuesday June 5, 2012. The follow up release, Lesbian Perspective, is expected in July.

About Addicted 2 Girls

Addicted 2 Girls is an all-women lesbian adult brand that focuses on tasteful scenes with truly erotic sex. With directors known for their lesbian-friendly sensibilities and commitment to real sex with exciting kissing and foreplay, Addicted 2 Girls encourages new talent and creative ideas for exclusively all-women films.